A Weblecture is a recording of a course related presentation, lecture, or workshop that can be viewed live and after the recording has taken place. This recording consists of a combination of video, sound, and what is projected on the beamer. We use the Presentations 2Go recording system to create the Weblectures. The basic principle behind Weblectures at Wageningen University & Research is that they should serve as a reference and are only intended for students in the relevant course.

We also provide recordings in the Aula of promotions, graduation ceremonies, inaugurations, and farewell speeches. Afterwards you will find the recording on Weblectures. The Servicedesk provides copies of these events, below you will find instructions for the request.

Next to course related recordings we also provide recordings on request, for example online training, conferences, press-conferences, and other events or meetings. You can send your request to the Servicedesk.

If you have any questions or comments about the service of team Weblectures or one of its components, first look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question is not listed you can contact us at We aim to get back to you within one business day.


In what rooms are recording facilities?

At this moment we can provide you with Weblectures in the following rooms:

Aula Auditorium
C0007 Scheikunde
C0056 Axis-Z
C0062 Leeuwenborch
C0063 Leeuwenborch
C0064 Leeuwenborch
C0075 Leeuwenborch
C0085 Zodiac
C0092 Radix
C0093 Gaia
C0107 Forum
C0213 Forum
C0214 Forum
C0217 Forum
C0218 Forum
C0221 Forum
C0222 Forum
C0226 Forum
C0314 Forum
C0317 Forum
C0326 Forum
C0404 Forum
C0413 Forum
C0417 Forum
C0435 Forum
C0521 Forum
C0531 Forum
C0535 Forum
C0621 Forum
C0625 Forum
C0656 Forum
C0658 Forum
C0759 Forum
C1005 Orion
C1032 Orion
C1040 Orion
C2005 Orion
C2030 Orion
C2035 Orion
C2050 Orion
C3020 Orion
C3030 Orion
C3031 Orion
C3033 Orion
C3034 Orion
C4008 Orion
C4032 Orion
C4044 Orion
C4050 Orion
de Spot Orion

Is my course going to be recorded?

Lectures or tutorials are scheduled in rooms with recording facilities, the course coordinator will receive an email from team Weblectures three weeks before the period starts. Within this e-mail, the course coordinator can decide if recordings are necessary/desirable. Questions regarding ‘what and/or if recordings are planned’ can be send to the course coordinator.

Where can I find the Weblecture after the lecture?

If the lecturers have added the Weblectures through one of the recommended ways on Brightspace all the students and teachers who have access to the space should be able to see the Weblectures.

The enrolled students and teachers of the course can also view the recordings shortly after the lecture through the catalogue on Weblectures. However, there is an exception! The course coordinator has the option to publish the recordings privately, what means that the students are not able to see the Weblectures through the catalogue. As a student you cannot know if Weblectures are published privately, so you will have to get in contact with the course coordinator when you cannot find a Weblecture on Weblectures.

Where can I find the livestream of a Weblecture?

If the Weblecture has a livestream (the course coordinator decides if a Weblecture has a livestream) you can access it through channels. Every channel is linked to a room with recording equipment. In order to watch the livestream that is relevant to you, you need to log in and know the room where it is taking place.

Can I watch the Weblectures offline?

No, you cannot watch Weblectures offline.

For how long is the Weblecture accessible?

The recording will be available in the catalogue of Weblectures for 3 years. Then it will be archived for another 3 years (on request we could make it accessible again). After that the recording will be deleted permanently.

What are the system requirements to watch weblectures?

In order to watch Weblectures, make sure that you have the most up-to-date browser and operating system, and a good internet connection. We support all browsers with html5, and we recommend Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

What are the functions of the Player?

Presentations2GO is the provider of the Player. You can find instructions about this player here.

What is a security group?

A security group is a group that consists of lecturers and students. This group is based on the enrolments of the course in a specific year and period. So, if you are enrolled for ENR20306 in 2018/2019 and in period 5 you will be added to the security group ENR20306_2018_5. This means you will be able to watch the Weblectures made in that period, in that year, for that course (for as long as the Weblectures are accessible in the catalogue). If you click on your e-mail address after you logged in you can see what security groups you are put in.

It can happen that you need access to another security group for educational purposes. Team Weblectures is not allowed to randomly add students to security groups. We ask you to ask for permission to be added to another security group through the course coordinator.

What about privacy?

Everyone who is going to lecture or present needs to give his or her permission to be recorded. If students are going to be recorded (e.g. student presentations) they need to give permissions during the recording. So, the lecturer who is present needs to ask the students at the start of the recording if there are any objections for a recording.

It can happen that students are recorded when they walk in front of the camera during the recording. In front of every classroom with recording equipment there is a plate that says: “lectures given in this room may be recorded for educational purposes. Events in this room may be recorded for publicity purposes.” If you do not want to be recorded make sure that you are not sitting within the range of the camera.

ID couldn’t be found?

If you are getting this notification it means that the Weblecture does not exist anymore. If this happens you can get in contact with us through the Servicedesk. We need the URL you are trying to access, and the date, time, and location of the Weblecture.

You are not authorized(u heeft geen toegang)?

Some Weblectures may not be available for you through the catalogue on Weblectures. The reason could be that the course coordinator decided to publish the lectures privately, that you are doing a re-exam, or that something went wrong with the security groups. Either way, we ask you to get in contact with the course coordinator about this since team Weblectures is not allowed to randomly add students to security groups. You could send an e-mail to the course coordinator and put us ( in the cc of this e-mail.

If the course coordinator makes the recording available via one of the recommended ways on brightspace all the students who have access to the space will be able to see the Weblectures.

When I open a Weblecture the screen stays black?

Try watching the Weblecture in another browser (use one of our recommend browsers with html 5: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox). If you're still running into a black screen, please let us know by sending an e-mail to the Servicedesk. Let them know what browser you are using, and what URL you are trying to access.

How can I request a copy of my promotion, graduation ceremony, inauguration, or farewell speech?

All the promotions, graduation ceremonies, inaugurations, and farewell speeches will be livestreamed and published by Wageningen University & Research. We can provide a copy of these events.

Who can request a copy:

  • Promovendi
  • Owner of the recording (professor)
  • Delegated owner of the recording (secretary)

To request a copy of the recording you need to send an e-mail to the Servicedesk. Please put in the subject "Graduation recording order" and in the body the following:

Graduation date:
Start time:
Email address:

You will get a download link (Surf Filesender) from the servicedesk to collect the recording.